Inventor Kevin James talks about why kids are the hardest people to fool, makes a coin pass through solid glass

January 12, 2018

World-famous stage show The Illusionists just wrapped up its two-week-long engagement at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Don’t worry if you missed it, though; the venue has since posted two specially-produced videos featuring inventor Kevin James, offering tricks and insight aplenty.  

The first, posted above, is an interview with the man who devised the Floating Rose effect, where he talks about the difference between deceiving young children and grown adults, and how magicians are the most trustworthy people on the planet.

The second video, posted below, is a four-minute video where James proceeds to repeatedly fool a poor spectator with a coin and a magic glass bottle.

With this run in North America finished, The Illusionists begins its tour across Europe and Africa. For more information on where the show will end up next, check The Illusionists‘ official website.