Nate Staniforth offers a special thank you gift for buying his book “Here is Real Magic”

January 16, 2018

Magicians exist in that weird space between wonder and ennui. The audience reaps the benefits of magicians’ hard work as they experience moment after moment of amazement, but the job itself can be a thankless grind. A touring magician might be away from home as much as 200 days in a year, doing the same effects over and over and over again; summoning the spark that inspired them to become a magician in the first place can become harder and harder to do.

It’s a mental state Nate Staniforth discusses in the above interview with Brian Brushwood as the two talk about Staniforth’s memoir, “Here is Real Magic,” now available for preorder. “We all become very good at getting used to things and making things ordinary,” he says, before describing how a trip to India forced him out of his stupor and made him see magic with new appreciation. 

To celebrate the release of his book on January 16, Staniforth is giving away an effect he calls “Project: Vanish.” Order his book during the first week of publication and you get the trick gratis. Buy the hardcover edition from your retailer of choice, then email your receipt to, subject line “Here Is Real Magic order” and you’ll receive a link to the 29-minute explanation video for Project: Vanish.

Buy Here is Real Magic ($18) from Amazon