Wayne Shifflett celebrates 50 years of cups and balls with a video starring a dozen magicians

January 16, 2018

Wayne Shifflett is the current owner of the Mingus Magic Shop in Reading, PA. He learned a cups and balls routine from the previous owner, LeRoy Mingus, back on January 8, 1968. 50 years later, Shifflett has practiced and taught this same routine to so many other people that the trick has become synonymous with the store itself. 

To celebrate five decades of sleight of hand, he and 11 other magicians have created a video of the full routine, each performance edited fluidly to look like one single trick. It’s a really inventive way to celebrate such a timeless effect.

You can watch the trick above, as well as another video explaining the history of the trick below. Here’s to many more years of success for Shifflett and his store, as well as the thousands of other brick-and-mortar magic shops out there.