Weekly Puzzle Solution: Sequence break

January 16, 2018

Welcome to GeniiOnline’s Weekly Puzzle, powered by Art of Play! We’ll bring you a new puzzle every Monday, then publish the solution on Tuesday.

Here’s the puzzle again if you missed it yesterday:  

What is the next letter in this sequence: SENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT__?  


The correct answer is F, as in “Forty”. Forty is the next number to come in the sequence when you realize each letter abbreviates the first letter of the number it represents. For example, we began with S for Seventeen, then E for Eighteen, followed by Nineteen, Twenty, and so on until F for Forty was next.

The Weekly Puzzle is taking a break for a bit, but we’ll be back soon with even more brain busters for you to solve. If you missed last week’s puzzle, be sure to check it out here.