Catch a documentary about The Virts at GeekFest Toronto

January 18, 2018

All of us here at GeniiOnline are what you’d call magic nerds. For our Canadian brethren, there’s a chance to strut your nerdy stuff next month. GeekFest Toronto will host a screening of Wild Cards, a documentary short about cardistry by director Gwendolin Mah.

Mah is based in Singapore, and her 2015 project stars The Virts, whose beautiful videos and lovely new card deck have been hot on our radar for the past few weeks. Those who attend the screening will likely learn more about the group members and about the snappy card-based performance art. Check out another of The Virts’ older videos above for an example of their flourishing.

GeekFest Toronto is February 14 and tickets are still on sale for the whole day or for portions of the event.