Louisiana magician is doing magic 365 days a year. Literally.

January 18, 2018

Putting on a live performance can either be exhausting or a major rush of adrenaline, and Bart Glatt is going to need to balance those sensations carefully with his upcoming schedule. The magician is planning to do 365 shows in 365 days around his hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. All of the performances will be free.

He’s embarking on the project to celebrate his 50 years of performance. The year will include appearances at local schools, churches, and festivals, with street shows and restaurant table magic filling out the rest of his schedule.

Glatt’s career has been as varied as it is long, with time spent doing voice-over work, photography, and ministry. One thing that hasn’t changed over all that time is Glatt’s reasons for what he does.

“When life is dull, people are unhappy. I simply try to make them forget their boredom,” he said in an interview with the American Press at the ripe old age of 18.

“Everything that got me started doing this is still true,” he said today, speaking to the same publication.