Cal Poly student Elliott Hunter is already far past Magic 101

January 19, 2018

Prepare to feel like an underachiever. Elliott Hunter is an engineering student at California Polytechnic State University, a member of the school’s swim club, a triathlete, and a magician. Not just a dabbling magician either. He’s already been on America’s Got Talent, done multiple gigs at the Magic Castle, and won the inaugural Magic Master Summit competition.

How does the college sophomore do it all (and how can I)? He first cracked to The Tribune News that “sleep deprivation” was the key, but did revealed that time management is key.

He draws on his personal experiences to create stage shows with stories that draw in viewers. “People can say or not say that magic is real in the physical sense, but I do believe that it is real in the sense that it connects to life itself,” he said. “I’m able to use that to my advantage to be able to tell a story, to connect further with my audience, to be able to increase the level of entertainment.”

The ambitious (and overcommitted) young man is working on taking his magic out to sea as his next career step. “I’m working on getting on cruise ships,” he said. “You get to see the world and get paid for it.” All aboard!