Caleb Wiles to host new lecture at Montreal Magic Jam on February 6

January 19, 2018

The Montreal Magic Jam has been hosting lectures and breakout sessions for years now, and 2018 brings even more opportunities to learn. Caleb Wiles, who Penn Jillette called “so ******* good” back when he tried to fool them on their show in 2016, will kick off the year’s Jam sessions with a brand new lecture.

According to the event page, Wiles’ new lecture will be packed with explanations, advice, and presentations on several brand-new routines, as well as a breakdown of the trick Caleb performed on Penn & Teller: Fool Us seen in the video above). You’ll also have an opportunity to session with other magicians after the lecture.

The lecture will take place on Tuesday, February 6 at 7pm at the Theatre mainline in Montreal, Canada. Tickets are still available at the discounted price of $25 until January 30, when they will go up to $35. You can find out more information about this and other upcoming events, as well as purchase tickets  directly from the Montreal Magic Jam website.