We all scream for ice cream-inspired playing cards now on Kickstarter

January 19, 2018

The latest Kickstarter project to catch our eye is Tasty Playing Cards, a new deck designed for use in both cardistry and magic tricks. The real draw is the ice cream-inspired design, with a strawberry pink and waffle cone brown color scheme. The open box also looks just like a slightly-melty cone for summer refreshment.

Tasty is the work of a Mexican duo: Peter Uscanga and Lizzie Domínguez. Kardify interviewed Uscanga about developing the Tasty cards and the next steps for their card designing efforts.

Uscanga said that the development of cardistry as an art form has opened up deck design as a form of personal expression. “This is where our passion is born, create a design that complements the fresh personality of the user that will undoubtedly steal the gaze of more than one spectator,” he said.

The project certainly is unique, and the limited printing will keep these cards’ special vibe. Only 980 decks and 20 uncuts of the design will be printed. But Uscanga is already prepared for the next step. He said that if the first Tasty project goes well, he and Domínguez already have a second version ready.