GeniiCon 2017: Hannibal on making the leap from actor to magician

January 22, 2018

GeniiCon may have come and gone months ago, but we’ve still got loads of interviews with magicians to share. Up next is Hannibal, a delightful sleight of hand illusionist who impresses with his ability to spin a yarn as much as he’s able to make objects appear out of thin air. 

Throughout the week we’ll be sharing clips from our interview, and in this first video, we chat with Hannibal a bit about how he crafts stories around his magic. Turns out, that gift comes from his background as an actor and a playwright, which transformed into a career in magic when a job of his fell through. Watch the video above, and stay tuned to GeniiOnline throughout the week for the rest of the interview.

For the rest of our interview, check out the links below:  

Part two: On capturing an audience and managing expectations

Part three: On knowing what to take (and what not to take) from his inspirations