Magician uses talent audition to try to win back his girlfriend

January 22, 2018

When contestants audition for talent shows, many do it for the exposure or name recognition from a successful performance or for the prize money they could use to jumpstart their career. For Filipino magician Karl Matrix, however, there’s an ulterior motive: he wants to win back his girlfriend.

Pilipinas Got Talent is currently hosting auditions for its sixth season of its version of the popular global variety contest show, and Karl Luigi Villareal (aka Karl Matrix), decided to make his audition a dedication to a lost love

While the show is spoken in Filipino, the country’s news site ABS-CBN gave a report of the performance in English, describing how this act was supposed to be his “proposal”. Using flowers, a big screen TV, and some sleight of hand, Karl Matrix uses the power of magic to win the hearts and minds of the judges, the audience, and (hopefully) his girlfriend. 

While you can take a glance at the video above and judge how successful his performance is for yourself, there’s no denying that people ate it up: the above video racked up nearly two million views in two days, and the judges waved him on to the next round of the competition.