Cheers to Dennis Watkins, celebrating a seventh year of The Magic Parlour

January 24, 2018

Being a professional magician takes a lot of hustle, which makes it all the more impressive when a performer is able to hold down a recurring gig. It means that both performer and venue have hit on something special and audiences still want more of it. So we’re happy to share the Dennis Watkins is going into his seventh year of hosting The Magic Parlour.

The intimate performance happens on Fridays and Saturdays at the opulent Palmer House Hotel in downtown Chicago. Watkins’ first show at the hotel was at a benefit event, but the venue staff was so impressed that they offered him a limited run. He kept selling out the shows, and the hotel kept extending his stay.

Windy City locals in particular should know about Watkins’ role in the Chicago live performance community. Not only is he the host of The Magic Parlour, but Watkins also started The House Theater with some friends. If you’ve been to The Chopin Theater in Wicker Park, you may have seen their work. Read more about Watkins and The House Theater in this profile.

Bravo Dennis!