70s TV show The Magician is out on DVD

January 25, 2018

Here’s some good news for fans of fictional magicians, TV, and the 1970s. Those three things all collided in The Magician, a series starring Bill Bixby as an illusionist who solves crimes. The series is getting a DVD release and the trailer is enough to make you don bell-bottoms for your next act.

Bixby was in fact an amateur magician in his own right, and lobbied to do as many of his character’s tricks as possible without any trick photography. He got additional training from magic consultant and technical advisor Mark Wilson, one of the first true television magicians. A few notable Hollywood names made guest appearances on the show, including Mark Hamill and William Shatner.

You can get all 21 episodes and the TV movie pilot for The Magician from Visual Entertainment Incorporated for about $35.