Get your swim trunks, your flippy-floppies…and your wand? Yes, there’s a Harry Potter cruise

January 25, 2018

Everywhere you look, it seems there’s a new opportunity for Harry Potter fans to experience yet more of the fictional world come to life. The latest one offers wizards and witches a chance to leave Hogwarts and set sail for magic on the waters of the River Thames.

Barge Lady Cruises is hosting two Potter-themed cruises later this year in the UK. The dates are August 5-11 and August 19-25, and the lucky guests will get to see real filming locations, including Warner Bros. Studios. If this, ahem, floats your boat, then you’ll have to be both loaded and quick on the draw: the Magna Carta barge only fits 8 guests.

Sadly, that means your chances of boarding the barge are on the slim-to-none side. But there are many other ways to scratch that Potterverse itch. There’s a brand new mobile game that just got a soft launch on Google Play earlier this week. There’s Leakycon in Dallas this August (sadly already sold out). And there’s a traveling exhibit blending both the fictional and the fantastical worlds of magic.