See snippets from the show floor of The Session 2018

January 25, 2018

Did you get to go to The Session in London earlier this month? If you did, I’m very jealous. If you didn’t, you can start living it vicariously. We’re starting to see some videos from attendees of the event, put on by Vanishing Inc., posted to YouTube.

One such showreel comes from Arnulfur Hakonarson, a magician out of Iceland. He recorded a lovely video of his time in the UK. That clip at the top features the card tricks of Karan Singh.

James Grossman Magic has a longer video up with some highlights from his time at the convention. Sadly the video description doesn’t have the names of all performers, but fortunately many of them are wearing prominent name badges if you want to further investigate the practitioners of your favorite bits.

And remember, this weekend has two other magic conventions for you stateside readers. Vanishing Inc is getting right back in the saddle with MagiFest, happening in Columbus from January 25-27. (GeniiOnline will be there, come give us a shout!) Or if you’re more coastal, drop by the shows happening as part of the Fog City Magic Fest in San Francisco.