You could be in a documentary about the famed Mingus Magic Shop

January 26, 2018

The Mingus Magic Shop is the subject of an upcoming documentary, and the store needs people to be a part of the filming. The store posted to Facebook with an open call for both performers and audience members to participate in an upcoming shoot.

Barely Upright Productions is running the production, and the film date is Saturday, February 17, between 2:00 and 5:00. Here’s the full announcement:

The Reading, Pennsylvania, store was founded way back in 1938 by LeRoy Mingus. It is one of the country’s oldest brick and mortar magic shops, and it hosts local chapters of both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians.

The store recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a wonderful video paying homage to the classic cups and balls routine. Check out current store owner Wayne Shifflett teaming up with 11 other magicians to do a seamless cut of the routine. The store also made a second video offering a quick history lesson on the beloved trick. Given the Mingus Magic Shop’s long and storied history, a documentary seems well in order.