Ekaterina lands magical role in Coca-Cola advertisements

January 27, 2018

Any chance for magic to reach a broader audience is pretty exciting. Ekaterina has built a reputation with her YouTube channel reviewing tricks (she’s got more than 100 of those videos already). Now she’s got a new job title to add to her resume: spokesmagician. (If that’s not a word, it should be.)

In a video last week, Ekat shared that none other than Coca-Cola reached out to her to star in some ads. Before sharing a few clips from the final spots, Ekat did her standard vlog introduction, sharing her excitement about the gig and how she did in fact need to learn some Spanish for the filming, even though her voice is dubbed. 

It’s exciting to see how the grunt work of keeping up with regular videos and performances can pay off in such a very visible way. Congrats to Ekat!