What on earth is Daniel Madison up to with Heist?

January 27, 2018

Daniel Madison just announced his plans to strike out on his own after five years with Ellusionist earlier this month, but he hasn’t been taking any vacations since then. Quite the contrary. Instead, he’s since posted two more YouTube videos that are both oozing with his signature style, brash attitude, and mystery.

First is MADVOCATE, above, where he appears to be mobilizing his fan base for his next projects. Madison encourages followers to jump on a few hashtag bandwagons for a chance to be featured on his website or social channels. 

The other video is dubbed HEIST, and this is where things seem to get rather interesting. As I understand it, Madison is selling a limited supply of these ‘heist’ duffel bags. Each one is packed with some sweet swag, including some cards, a lock-picking set, a business card with a burner phone number written on it, and a few other magical goodies. But there’s more cloak and dagger to this than a mere swag bag. The purchase of a £150 bag also sets the new owner off to a secret location and time for a meetup, likely with Madison himself.

The HEIST video closes with a tease for Sleight Club. The riff on Fight Club might be yet another new project for Madison, or maybe he’s working on a mockumentary about the Chuck Palahniuk story. We’re guessing it’s the former.