Wayne Houchin’s act on The Amazing Magicians uses his hands, arm, and eyeball

January 30, 2018

The Amazing Magicians is certainly doing an amazing job of getting the world hyped about magic. The Chinese reality television show has boasted viewership as high as 270 million people. That’s a whole lot of potential new magic fans.

One of the latest performers to charm those millions of viewers was Wayne Houchin. He got very physical with two of the show hosts for the start of his bit, then moved to the big stage for more card tricks and a truly grotesque application of sewing thread. Check out the whole thing above. Be forewarned that if you, like me, are really squeamish about eyes, you may want to look away around the 5-minute mark. *shudder*

For more performances from The Amazing Magicians, check out Patrick Kun’s Stranger Things-inspired bit for the show in November. You can also watch a longer video of the wonderful Mahdi Gilbert’s appearance or see teen phenom Matthew Laslo get futuristic with a drone.