It took 10 years, but Michael Close has released two new magic books and you can download them now

January 31, 2018

Michael Close is one of the greats when it comes to magic education. He’s been in the business for decades, and a chance to take a peek inside his mind is useful for performers at any level of skill and experience. In other words, the news that he has new educational books available after more than a decade is very, very exciting.

Close is back with a two-volume set called The Paradigm Shift. Both volumes are available as ebooks for an instant download. They include essays, photos, and video. According to the listing, the books include “beautiful sleights that will deceive both laymen and magicians, and commercial, devious routines you will enjoy performing.” Volume One features ideas and routines from Ariel Frailich, John Carney, Simon Aronson, Bob Farmer, and Michael Weber. Mick Ayres, Roy Walton, Harry Riser, Norman Beck, Michael Weber, Jason England, Aaron Fisher, Joshua Jay, and Ton Onosaka are the featured inspirations for Volume Two.

Both ebooks are available from Close’s website for $69.95. If you want more of his magical insights, then check out the recently launched Magician’s Masterclass. The resource is still getting off the ground, but it promises in-depth education from Close and other best-in-the-business performers.

Hat tip to our friends at Canada’s Magic for getting this news on our radar!