GeniiCon 2017: Bernard Bilis’ favorite trick? “The next one”

February 1, 2018

Finding your own style is perhaps the hardest part of learning what kind of magician you want to be. In part three of our five-part interview with Bernard Bilis at GeniiCon 2017, the close-up magician talks about how you know when you’ve found your own style, the people who inspired Bilis’ own style, and wanting to bring something new to the routines that he learns. 

For more clips from the interview, check out the links below:

Part one: On making your brain work by learning magic from books

Part two: Bernard Bilis prefers close-up because you can “you can make it all around the world with only a pack of cards”

Part four: On posting magic online: “If they see everything on the web, they don’t come to see the lecture”

Part five: The two words that describe what magic means to Bernard Bilis