Watch Rick Smith, Jr. and YouTube magician Nick Suriano hurl playing cards at each other at Magi-Fest 2018

February 2, 2018

I have to get this out of the way: don’t try this at home. Rick Smith, Jr. is a professional, with multiple Guinness World Records for card throwing and he came to Magi-Fest prepared with foam shields and welding helmets.

After giving his lecture on how to find a niche, he hosted a series of special card-throwing challenges with the young attendees of Magi-Fest 2018. This included a special challenge against Nick Suriano, magician and host of YouTube channel NoWayAsWay. The two donned their armor, stood back to back, marched five paces, and proceeded to whip cards at each other as fast as they could in a special game of what they called “Dodge-card”.

Check out the video above for the complete battle, which begins at around the 5:15 mark. We even captured some of Nick’s wild card-throwing abilities on our own Twitter feed: