Look into the minds of the mindreaders thanks to this interview with the Evasons

February 3, 2018

The couple that performs amazing feats of mentalism together, stays together. That may not be the most traditional wording of the phrase, but it does seem to have worked well for Tessa and Jeff Evason. The pair is a renowned mentalist act, and after a recent performance at the University of Texas – Dallas, they sat down to chat with the school’s newspaper. It offers a fascinating glimpse at an act that still purports to have some faith in the mystical side of both magic and our minds.

When they started training for the stage, Jeff Evason explained that they first spent time learning mnemonics:

Mnemonics is so great for so many things. It’s not only practical in life, especially for students. But it also develops a part of brain that you don’t use and you use less and less of it these days, because memory is on these (electronic) devices. But, there’s nothing that beats the brain.

Tessa Evason spoke about intuition, and how she translated it to the stage:

I had a great interest in psychic phenomena and I certainly had this goal that I wanted to be able to prove these things to be true scientifically. And I’m hoping, in centuries to come, that will be the case. And I know there’s remarkable improvements on it. But, I just think people love to be mystified. It takes them away from their real world and allows them to be in this fantasy world for a while. It’s a great feeling.

Read the whole interview here.