Does ‘Scripting Magic’ really improve all of the tricks you already know? Magic Orthodoxy has the verdict

February 5, 2018

When we reported on the release of the second volume of Peter McCabe’s Scripting Magic (along with a reprinting of the first volume), it sounded almost too good to be true. $150 is a lot of money, but if Scripting Magic can fundamentally improve the magic you already know, then it’s easily worth the price of admission. YouTube review channel Magic Orthodoxy has the verdict: if you are serious about your magic, you should absolutely find a way to make these two volumes part of your library.

It’s not just the inclusion of dozens of essays and professional patter from some of the best magicians in the business that impressed David the most, but rather the flowcharts and worksheets that the books come with that let you apply this knowledge practically. He calls it “homework”, but it’s the kind of homework that actually lets you feel like you’re improving and understanding your own abilities in a new light. He even claims that the set is just as important for scripted magicians as it is for those who try to make their magic feel more organic or spontaneous. 

If you’re intrigued, pick up your boxed set of both volumes at publisher Vanishing, Inc. for $150.