Former magician now leads the field in Vegas casino security

February 7, 2018

Most magicians have more than a passing knowledge of the workings of Las Vegas casinos. But George Joseph takes that insight several leaping bounds farther. Once a magician, he’s translated his knowledge of trickery and deception into an expertise in security and surveillance. He founded Worldwide Casino Consulting and is a leading expert in the field.

Joseph spoke to the Times Herald-Record about his work, including some of the preventive measures he’s helped implement to prevent cheating on casino floors. “Nothing on a table game is invisible,” he said, noting that digital cameras mean everything gets logged and monitored. But even as technology improves, there’s also no replacing that time-honored tradition of going with your gut. “In surveillance departments, they look for JLDR: Just Doesn’t Look Right,” he said.

So if you were thinking about plying your skills in magic to a less than honorable purpose at blackjack or roulette, here’s a tip: Don’t.