See the new Green Visa Playing Cards in action with tutorials from Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea

February 7, 2018

Want to see a magic trick? Head to YouTube. Want to learn a magic trick? Head to YouTube. There’s a wealth of educational channels out there for magicians wanting to add new moves to their arsenals. Today we have a double dose of tutorials from a skilled pair of performers. Alex Pandrea and Patrick Kun recently collaborated on a playing card deck called Green Visa, and each guested on the other’s channel to show off the product.

Above, learn a sandwich effect from Patrick Kun. Below, Alex Pandrea showed off an effect for appearing to swap the location of the four aces between his hand and the card box.

Want to see and hear more from these two? Alex Pandrea was a recent guest on the Discourse in Magic podcast. Patrick Kun also did a slick performance on The Amazing Magicians for Chinese TV.