Learn about why you create (and maybe get tempted to doodle) with illustrator Jake Parker

February 13, 2018

Inspiration and creative ideas can come from anywhere. Today, poke at your brain a bit with some insight from the world of illustration. Jake Parker began an art challenge called Inktober back in 2009. The task: create an original pen and ink drawing for every day during the month of October. It’s a big event in the art and cartooning worlds, with artists of all styles and ability levels sharing their work.

In a recent blog post, Parker offered his thoughts on why it’s important to understand the reasons behind our pursuit of creative work. “Why does knowing why you create even matter?” he asks. “You need to figure this out because knowing why you create informs everything you do as a creator.”

Parker presented his three reasons as 1) personal fulfillment, 2) reciprocation, and 3) societal enrichment. Considering how many magicians have cited similar ideas behind their own work — “I like to make people happy” or “I want the audience to be amazed” — this post could give you a new perspective on your own path in magic.