Channel your carnivorous instincts with the Burger Playing Cards

February 14, 2018

This deck is beefy, in every possible meaning of the word. Take a look at these Burger Playing Cards and you’ll get why. For starters, all of the artwork is burger-themed, from the embossed sesame seeds on the tuck box to the unique designs for each of the court cards to the pickle joker card.

Magicorthodoxy has a nice video review of the deck, a Kickstarter project designed by Australia-based Flaminko Playing Cards. Most critically for your card-slinging needs, he notes that the cards are printed on very thick stock from Cartamundi. How thick? Ten cards measured 3.08 mm across. He opines that the study material means this deck would hold up well to lots of use and abuse, say from you cardistry pros out there.

If you’ve got an insatiable cow craving, then head on over to to buy a Burger deck.