Here’s why Krendl won’t be performing the water escape in The Illusionists’ Cape Town show

February 15, 2018

How is it that we sometimes only realize the value of our most prized resources when we lose them? Water is so critical for any type of life, and parts of the world are painfully feeling its absence. Cape Town, South Africa, for instance, is experiencing a severe drought that has recently been designated a “national disaster.”

Escapologist Krendl has been performing his version of the Houdini water torture escape on tour with The Illusionists, which is currently in South Africa. The team considered options for how to execute the water trick under those extreme conditions, such as shipping in water or using ocean water, but have decided that the most respectful path is to avoid the trick entirely for the Cape Town performance. Krendl explained the rationale in a video, above.

“It wouldn’t matter where the water came from, it’s still something that exists symbolically on stage,” he said. “By my not doing this stunt here in Cape Town, it represents over 45 days of water for one person here.”

Respect to Krendl for the decision.