You might hate the alphabet a little after an hour or two with the Half-H

February 15, 2018

Mr.Puzzle is always a good resource for your toy and gadget needs, and here he’s reviewing one called the Half-H that requires some creative spatial thinking to solve. The puzzle consists of several wooden blocks that should all be combined together to form a capital letter H. At first glance, just about every manner of building the H leaves out one piece.

Mr.Puzzle rates this a 3 out of 5 on his difficulty scale. Even without watching past the spoiler section of his video, the Half-H seems like it’s going to require some serious shenanigans to unravel. 

We’ve covered a few other particularly fun videos from his channel, including his assessments of the Ella Propella and the Revomaze. If you enjoy these physical brain teasers, then give his YouTube channel a follow.