Pro wrestler Evan Cloyd has magic moves outside the ring too

February 17, 2018

Let’s be real: it was just a matter of time before pro wrestlers started getting into magic. Both fields demand dexterity, creativity, and no small amount of stage presence. Here, we’ve got wrestling magician Evan Cloyd showing off a nifty card trick for MJ Jenkins, a wrestler in her own right. The onlookers freaking out is nearly as fun as the actual trick.

Members of the online magic community may also recognize Cloyd from his YouTube series Disturb Reality. Yes, before he entered the ring, he went by the moniker Jarek 1:20 and posted videos of everything from street magic to a review of his card collection.

If cross-over performers get you hyped, then you’ll want to read about Jon Dorenbos, who does magic when he’s not in training with the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles.