Karan Singh talks mentalism, showmanship, and Indian magic

February 18, 2018

Discussions with mentalists are always a fascinating read. Many of them are forthright about the science behind their craft, and Karan Singh is one such performer. But even though it sounds so simple to hear him explain it, the result of his mentalism is still astonishing. 

Singh spoke with GQ India about his star-studded performances, which have included guessing Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s ATM pin code. He talked about how his act relies on concepts such as body language and the power of suggestion, and charted a few notable anecdotes from his journey to becoming a magician.

“When you get into magic, you feel that you’ll do fantastic things,” he said. “But at the core is often a very silly secret.” That outlook led him to hone his skills in showmanship. That has helped him become one of the best-known mentalists in India at just 26 years old.

Singh said mentalism is a newer field for Indian magicians. Local performers across the magic spectrum are making strides to get more recognition for magic as an art form, and the GQ India article offers a compelling look at India’s overall magic scene. Read the whole feature here.

Keep in mind that Singh is more than just a mentalist, and he’s amassed a lot of experience in a relatively short career. Check out his suggestions for tricks that every new magician should learn.