Take cardistry minus the cards, add some holes, and you have Cavity

February 19, 2018

Cardistry experts can make art in motion with just a deck of playing cards. But what if the concepts and movements of cardistry could be done with something other than cards? That’s the idea behind a new product called Cavity.

Shivraj Morzaria came up with the concept and developed Cavity with collaboration from Chase Duncan of Pocket Park. They build on the idea of squids, a training tool used to simulate the feel of a chunk or packet of cards. The Cavity slices offer a similar thickness and heft, but with the added layer of holes. These create new pivot points and shapes, both for how the cards might interlock and how you might manipulate them with your fingers. The trailer above shows just some of the ways that a hole can add incredible flash to familiar cardistry moves.

The team had a prototype on display at Cardistry-Con 2017, and are about ready to put it on the market. There are eight different models available. Cavity is available for pre-order from