Alakazam Magic shows off the latest tricks available to purchase from Blackpool

February 21, 2018

The Blackpool Magic convention isn’t just a great place to watch and meet other magicians; it’s a place where you can see inventors test out the cutting-edge of illusion. Alakazam Magic UK scoured the show floor over the past weekend looking for some of the best items there, and has rounded up a few of their favorites to sell in their online shop.

Perhaps the coolest one is a trick called RPG. Take a deck of cards, have an observer sign and replace a card, give the deck of shuffle, and place it on the table. Then, flick a ring, coin, or other object and watch as the top half of the deck explodes off the pile, leaving their card right on the top of the other half. You can see it for yourself in  the video below for a demonstration, and you can pick it up for £34.99. Act fast, though – quantities are very limited, and they’re already 14% through their stock as of press time.

They also picked up a prop called the mental vase, which allows you to pour out any one of the four colored balls currently held by a spectator. It’s a beautiful-looking prop, which is probably why it’s currently out of stock, unfortunately. Still, keep an eye on the Alakazam Magic UK store page in case they ever get resupplied, as these £124.99 beauties will probably run out again just as quickly