Check out the best tricks Chris Ramsay found at Blackpool Magic Convention

February 21, 2018

Chris Ramsey took his vlog to the Blackpool Magic Convention last weekend, joining many, many other magicians and magic aficionados. Given the massive size of the event, we can probably expect to see lots of videos from Ramsey and others over the coming days. But for now, we start with just two.

First off, the shenanigans:

Most of this video is about Wes Barker showing up to surprise his friends. (Woo buddies!) But the real standout is the sleight of hand by Brendan Rodrigues. With fashion as sharp as his moves, Rodrigues showed off some of the most rapid-fire sleights we’ve ever seen in a routine with a coin, a pen, and two rubber bands. There’s also a brief cameo of some hypnotic ring magic from Myles Thornton at the end.

Second, the serious business:

Every time Ramsey hits a convention, he compiles the standout tricks and gimmicks he finds. This compilation includes familiar faces like Joshua Jay, Ondrej Psenicka, and Peter Pellikaan showing off their wares.