Flaminko is back with another tasty deck design for Watermelon Playing Cards

February 22, 2018

After successfully releasing the Burger Playing Cards deck, Flaminko is back with another juicy design, this time inspired by a favorite summer fruit. Watermelon Playing Cards recently debuted on Kickstarter, and is looking to raise about $7,900 for the production of the decks.

As with the Burger cards, this set will be printed by Cartamundi on 310 gsm black core stock with a B9 superluxe finish. The card backs are designed in a similar style to Burger, with an illustration of the melon rind printed in two shades of green. The pips are designed to look like parts of the fruit. The spades and clubs both imitate the rind, while diamonds and hearts show the fruit’s flesh and seeds. Each court card has a unique design, including crown-topped slices of fruit. Finally, the jokers depict honeydew and cantaloupe melons.

The artwork of the Burger deck secured many fans for Flaminko Playing Cards, and this new design looks like a treat that’s just as sweet. Check out the Kickstarter page for the complete details. The campaign is open until March 23.