Jackson Robinson shares a card designer’s essential tools (including a Bible)

February 22, 2018

The February installment of Kardify’s Card Gear column is out, and this time the subject is Jackson Robinson. He’s the founder of the Kings Wild Project as well as the brains behind some popular deck designs such as Federal 52, Tally-Ho, and Silver Arrows. Here, he shares the gear that he uses every day in his work.

It’s a far cry from some of the other pros profiled in this column. Robinson has included just one deck — a Vladislav Erko design — and only one product from his own company — a Kings Wild Zippo with the quote “That which never was, was now the first.” The rest is simple and spiritual: a pipe, a knife, a journal and pencil, and a 1880 New Testament Bible.

Check out the column here. Past iterations of Card Gear have profiled popular Instagram photographer Adam Borderline and Vivek Singhi of Magic Encarta.