This is either the best or worst reason to give up being a children’s magician

February 22, 2018

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat has become a cliche in the magic community over the years, but for one performer, it turned out to be the punchline of a strange, cosmic joke.

UK magician Ian Wragg had been performing as a children’s entertainer for years. But he noticed that he would have a series of unpleasant symptoms after shows. His eyes would turn red and watery, his scalp would itch and his nose would run. Wragg thought that it was simply hay fever, but he got no relief from medicine.

Then he discovered the truth: he was allergic to rabbits.

Wragg has reluctantly ended that portion of his career. “It’s sad because I have always been known as a children’s entertainer,” the 47-year-old told The Sun. However, he will continue to perform bunny-free magic at weddings and other grown-up events.