This fowl-mouthed deck is pretty effin’ great (UPDATE: uncut sheet of cards now available!)

February 23, 2018

Aaron Reynolds has a unique way of expressing his opinion of various online activities. He takes an illustration of a bird – sometimes from the iconic Adubon Collection – and then attaches a brief bon mot laced with some degree of profanity. Juvenile? Well, yes. It’s also hilarious. His work has borne the Effin’ Birds store, where you can purchase mugs, shirts, pins, posters, and very soon, a gloriously NSFW deck of cards. 

Specific aspects of the deck, like the seal, are still being designed, but here’s what we know: The deck is being printed by USPCC and will cost $15 USD including shipping anywhere in the world. If want to fully embrace the Effin’ Birds ethos, you can back the Effin’ Birds book at (The book is fully funded but backer rewards, including the deck, are still available.) If you just want the cards, they’ll be available on as a stand-alone item in a couple of months.

Though we kept the entries in this post about as clean as Effin’ Birds gets, please rest assured that the deck on the whole has a pretty…fowl…mouth. (Look, I’m sorry, but it had to be done.) Not appropriate for everyone, of course, but your volunteer is far less likely to forget the card they picked if it features an unforgettable feathered friend.  

UPDATE (3/5/2018):

In order to sweeten the deal, Aaron Reynolds has added a few new backer rewards to the crowdfunding campaign, including a poster-sized uncut sheet of the Effin’ Birds playing card set. $120 gets you the sheet, along with the book in hardback and ebook format.