Get 20% off select tricks and playing cards in 52Kards’ 48-hour flash sale

February 27, 2018

If you’ve been eyeing that deck of Memento Mori cards and haven’t quite been able to pull the trigger, now might be the time to do it. Online magic retailer 52Kards just launched a 48-hour flash sale that’ll get you 20% off a handful of some of the store’s most popular goodies.

The sale page over at 52Kards lists 14 different items, offering a nice mix of beautiful decks perfect for cardistry,  like these Banshees for card throwing ($9.58, normally $11.97), or the elegant geometric lines of Tangram ($7.96, normally $9.95). Or fill out your repertoire with some new tricks or gimmicks, like Real Man’s Wallet, a fully-functional billfold that hides a few secrets of its own ($31.97, normally $39.97), or Cold Case, a deck switcher that comes with 10 original routines with over three hours of instruction ($31.96, normally $39.95)

If any these catch your fancy, make sure you act fast: this flash sale starts now and lasts until March 1 at 9am PST.