Dive back into Blackpool with two more highlight videos

February 28, 2018

For a convention as massive as Blackpool, it would take months to document all of it on video, so it should be no surprise that we’re still finding new clips from the event. Here are two more highlight videos to indulge your FOMO. 

First up, some highlights from Pete James. His compilation includes an act from Brendan Rodrigues (who also impressed Chris Ramsay), alongside some barroom blues, a few slick Rubik’s Cube tricks, and just a handful of pranks.

James Grossman Magic doesn’t have much on his YouTube channel, but he also shared some highlights from a visit to the convention. The tricks are great, as are the soundtrack choices. It’s particularly refreshing to see so many younger performers captured on film rather than just the seasoned veterans. The future of magic is looking very bright indeed.