Naathan Phan thinks you should take acting classes (and he’s not wrong)

March 1, 2018

Few people in the world are as charming as Naathan Phan. He chatted with The Aquarian Weekly to talk up his current work on the Masters of Illusion tour, where he’s performing his signature blend of updated classic tricks. Phan also shared the story of his multifaceted creative background and how it helped mold him into the magician he is today:

When I was in high school I started doing musicals, which taught me a lot about stage presence, and how to stand there with people staring at you. I used to do standup comedy, which really teaches you how to handle crowds in a different light than hide behind props, and how to find your voice on stage and use it. I also trained as a writer for several years. I went to the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana. It was a fantastic place and I had brilliant teachers, many of whom are New York Times bestselling authors. That is where I learned to find my voice — and my writing, how to create a story. I also had a bit of improv. training so when things go crazy on stage or someone from the audience wants to say something to me on stage or off it, I know how to react.

Watching him on stage, it’s clear that the breadth of his training has paid off. Phan has a keen understanding of how to hook an audience, and that’s as critical a work of magic as any disappearing coin or appearing signed playing card.

Acting will help lead the audience into the world that you are creating. You want the audience to believe the objects are floating through the air. They can’t buy into that. A woman is floating through the air, they can’t buy into that. They can’t suspend their disbelief unless you truly believe that as well.

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