“The Magic Play” is heading west. Next stop, Portland

March 1, 2018

The Magic Play is bringing its unique blend of personal storytelling, emotional drama, and of course magic to Portland, Oregon. The show tells the story of a young magician who has been left by his partner right before a show and the line between himself and his stage persona blurs as he reacts to the loss. After ending its run in Louisville, the show will open at The Armory on March 9 and run through April 1. Preview performances start on March 3. Get tickets and more information on The Armory’s website.

Brett Schneider is the star and magic creator for the show, and he’s already shared some fascinating insight on how he developed the tricks he performs. But the production also benefits from the expertise of master illusionist Jim Steinmeyer. If you don’t recognize Steinmeyer’s name, you probably should get acquainted: he’s consulted for many of the greats, makes magic happen at Walt Disney theme parks, and has worked minor miracles for stages from Broadway to Las Vegas.

In other words, next month is looking like a very good time to be in Portland.