Fugitive magician charged with theft, possession of “magic salt”

March 9, 2018

Earlier this week, Russian psychic, mentalist and magician Arseniy Karazhdaev was arrested for skipping bail. According to the local media, in his possession at the time of his arrest was a mysterious white powder. When asked to identify the substance for his audience of police officers, Karazhdaev  informed them it was “magic salt.” 

Karazhaev was out on bail after being arrested in a Saint Petersburg shopping mall for theft late last year. Getting fingered for both possession and theft doesn’t inspired much faith in Karazhaev’s skills as a magician. Neither does his apparently weak performance in the 18th season of Russia’s popular “Battle of the Psychics” reality TV show. He was knocked out during an episode featuring Tatyana “the northern Witch,” Julia “the stereotype breaker,” and Yuliy, “a skeptic and fan of deduction.” One can only presume he ran out of sorcery sodium. 

Not that I’m judging. Many magicians, especially those who came up in the 80’s, have experimented with, “magic salt,” during their careers. The Amazing Johnathan was a noted fan throughout his career. He talked about his relationship with the substance quite candidly in a recent interview.