Black Tales is a pirate-themed deck that’s about to go on sail

March 12, 2018

Okay, seriously, that headline’s the only bit of pirate-themed, lexical-tomfoolery that will appear in this piece. Any more and my editor will make me walk the plank.

Black Tales is a planned series of three nautical-themed decks. The first deck, Black Tales – Chpt. I The Arrival, made its debut on Kickstarter today with a dramatic video introduction and a fairly hefty goal of $10,000 US. As the time of writing, it’s reached over $1200 from some 36 backers.

The Arrival will be printed by United States Playing Card company, but there’s no mention of which stock or finish they’ll be using. The cards are white bordered, with a ship-wheel and cannon motif on their backs brought out in a deep black and tarnished yellow. The face cards are all mirrored pirates, with the Queen of Diamonds being a particular standout. The numbered cards are unusual, with their pips rearranged into striking crosses or circular patterns. 

The cheapest remaining tier for The Arrival is $12, which nets you just a single deck. Shipping is also a substantial expense at $15. Adding an extra deck to your order will cost $13, while an uncut(lassed) sheet will run you $35. All prices are in US dollars.