Chris Ramsay swims with pigs, feeds iguanas, and makes time for a little street magic in the Bahamas

March 12, 2018

Chris Ramsay’s recent trip to Exuma in the Bahamas was supposed to be a holiday, but it seems like he couldn’t resist filming a little street magic while he was there. In between swimming with pigs, feeding iguanas, and knocking back Bahama Breezes, the popular YouTuber found time to impress the natives with some card tricks.

At the end of the video, Ramsay, seemingly exhausted by his time on that beautiful island paradise, gave viewers an update on his ‘1st’ playing cards. The deck, Ramsay’s first foray into independent card production, was delayed late last year, but should be reaching customers April according to this latest update. 

If you’re just getting started with Ramsay’s channel, his hilarious retelling of an evening with David Blaine is a great place to start