The Casual V2 Playing Cards are all business

March 12, 2018

The first edition of the Casual Playing Cards deck, released back in 2016, was a solid eight on the old swank-o-meter. The new and improved second edition is gunning for a ten.

Sleek, minimalist, and striking, the Casual is aimed entirely at the discerning magician and cardist. It’s geometric elegance is already making me regret my recent investment in Chris Ramsay’s gorgeous Memento Mori deck, and that just arrived this morning. 

A refinement, rather than a reinvention of the original Casual deck, the V2 is all about small details. As designer, Paul Robaia, discussed in a recent interview with Kardify:

“Casual V2’s are a geometric, modern design. It features an ideal, two-way back design with popping Pantone colors, including mint green and metallic gold. The deck also features minimal court cards, paying homage to the classic Smoke and Mirrors courts. The tuck case has been printed by a San Diego Letterpress company called, Clove Street Press; there are embossing and blind embossing on the tuck.”   

The backs of the cards now also feature a seamless back design. In the first version, the backs of the cards were split by a straight horizontal line at the halfway point. 

The Casual V2 Playing Cards are printed by The United States Playing Card Company and feature a Casino Quality embossed finish. They’re available now at for $14 US.