Magic plays a part in Wisconsin magician’s long road to recovery after a stroke

March 13, 2018

Magic makes us marvel at the world, at the mysteries we can’t unravel and at the near-miracles a little dexterity and ingenuity can create. For someone like Bruce Hetzler, the power of magic hits much closer to home. He suffered a stroke in 2011 that left him unable to walk or use his left hand and arm. Recovery has been slow, but Hetzler told WBAY-TV that his love of magic provided a big motivation in his healing process.

After all that time, he took the stage on Saturday as part of a magic show to benefit the Littlest Tumor Foundation. The performance with The Fox Valley Magic Extravaganza marked the first time he’d done close-up magic since the stroke.

“Magic is a wonderful form of entertainment that’s suitable for the entire family and also because it’s for a valuable, important cause,” he said.

Hetzler isn’t the only magician to find inspiration in his craft following an injury. Kevin Spencer dove into the possibilities of magic as a form of therapy following a car accident. His efforts culminated in a short documentary called “Powerful Medicine: Simply Magic.” If you share his interest, you can rent or buy the film from the Simply Magic website.