Celebrate history’s greatest murder-enablers with Devastation The Silver edition

March 14, 2018

All of Jody Eklund’s playing cards celebrate history in some way, but his latest Kickstarter exclusive project, a limited edition re-release of his popular Devastation deck, highlights some dark legacies indeed. 

Aside from the queens, each face card in the Devastation The Silver Edition deck depicts the minds behind history’s deadliest inventions: The likes of Alfred Nobel (dynamite), Samuel Colt (Colt Revolvers), Lancelot De Mole (the modern tank), and Richard J. Gatling (the Gatling gun). In an ironic twist, the queens of the deck are all based on famous nurses – women who spent their lives healing others. The card backs play host to an intricate design rendered in shades of red. BLOOD RED, if you like your metaphors nice and obvious. 

The Devastation Silver Edition deck will be printed by Legends Playing Card Co. and will feature their “Classic Finish.” The tuck box will be embossed and hot foil stamped. Higher tier variants will include a foil-stamped and embossed sleeve that will be hand-numbered and signed. Others come with leather or wooden cases. The most popular tier costs $58 and comes with two signature labeled decks and the wooden case. The cheapest reward tier that includes a deck is $13. 

As for add ons, an uncut sheet will run you $40, a half brick (6 decks) costs $66, and a full brick (12 decks) will set you back $144. The Kickstarter ends on April 17th and has already reached $6,950 of its $10,000 goal as of this writing.