Ekaterina was so inspired by this magic book that she put a ring on it

March 14, 2018

Ekaterina is a great source of magic reviews, and after a hiatus that appears to have been very inspiring, she’s back with an unusual video. Her latest subject is the book Only Ideas by Rory Adams, which is about the process behind creating magic.

She’s a big fan of the book, appreciating the idea of approaching magic creation first from the theoretical idea rather than the technical side. Her only caveat is that practiced magicians may get more out of the volume than beginners. But she does see value for all skill levels in checking out Only Ideas, even if some of the ideas may not be the best match for everyone’s skill level or performance situation.

Her review is more than lip service. Ekat explained that the reason she hadn’t posted anything for two weeks was that she took some time to do a little magic creation of her own. The end of the video has a brief tutorial of the ring trick that came out of her brainstorming session.